THESTAR.COM: ukrainian duo the telnyuk sisters breaking down language barriers on canadian tour

THESTAR.COM: ukrainian duo the telnyuk sisters breaking down language barriers on canadian tour

Ukrainian duo the Telnyuk Sisters breaking down language barriers on Canadian tourAudiences may not always understand the words, but they’re sure to be moved by The Telnyuk Sisters, whose evocative music and performances break down language barriers.

“It’s very powerful and passionate,” said Tracy Jenkins, co-artistic director at Toronto’s Lula Lounge where the duo from Kyiv, Ukraine perform Tuesday as part of LULAWORLD 2013. “We were struck by the beauty of the music and its power. Audiences will feel it too.”

Jenkins and colleague Jose Ortega were captivated by the duo even before hearing them live and booked them based on latest album “Road of Glass”, which the vocal duo is currently touring Canada in support of.

Canadian artist Ihor Polischuk’s enthusiasm for the project was also a factor, said Jenkins, adding his commitment and faith in the music and performers “made us take it very seriously.”

The sisters have long been muses for the talented Toronto-based artist. His canvases are painted with complex themes and are a visual backdrop to the lyrics of contemporary Ukrainian poets such as Oksana Zabuzhko as well as Halya which in turn inspire Lesya’s musical compositions. It’s a synergy audiences can feel during the multimedia performance.

The Telnyuk Sisters have recorded with such world renowned musicians as former Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor and often collaborate with professional theatre and dance troupes, poets and writers in the U.S., Europe and Ukraine. Acclaimed contemporary Ukrainian composer Valentyn Silvestrov dedicated a work to the sisters as a tribute to their art.

When asked about the genre, Halya described the music as “transfusion,” bringing together the architectural language of poetry with equally architectural harmonious compositions. Others have described their work as “intellectual provocation,” aimed at forging new roads for music lovers.

As for the themes, among them faith, passion and optimism, they’re as universal as music for Lesya. Love has a major role because it conquers all she said.

The Telnyuk Sisters perform at Lula Lounge with DoVira on Tuesday and then at the Golden Lion Restaurant on Friday.

By: Leslie Ferenc GTA 
Published on Tue May 28 2013