TORONTO: the eyewitnesses' chronicle

TORONTO: the eyewitnesses' chronicle

Sunday 29 May 2016 4pm
Book presentation
The Eyewitnesses' Chronicle: 9 Months of Ukrainian Resistance

The Telnyuk Sisters
with a chamber orchestra
Gregory Hlady
Nazar Stryhun
Victor Morozov
Elvira Saale
Eskender Bekmambetov
Oleksandra Fedyshyn
Yana Bilyk

Demo art show by I. Polishchuk, H. Kokhan, N. Laluqe, M. Antoniv, M. Polishchuk
Photograpgy by S. Loiko

King's Garden Banquet Hall
15 Canmotor Ave., Toronto, ON M8Z 4E4
Event program: Guest speaker, Banquet Dinner
Entrance price: $125

Profits will be donated to Ukrainian Philanthropic Network and Maidan Hospital

LATCA, Literary and Artistic Society Canada

for further information please follow: facebook/LATCanada

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